Situation Reports

Situation Report #2 - NEMO Belize completes first phase of disaster assessments after Hurricane EARL

On Wednesday, August 3rd 2016, Hurricane Earl attained Category 1 status with winds of 75 mph. The initial projected path of Earl was due north of Belize City. Hurricane Earl made landfall early Thursday morning (August 4th) near Belize City as a Category 1 Hurricane with estimated maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. The track changed just before landfall, which occurred south of Belize City placing the city within the radius of maximum winds. The system took about fifteen hours to cross the country. The Hurricane affected primarily Belize City, Belize Rural, Orange Walk, Cayo, and Stann Creek districts. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) declared the “ALL CLEAR” for Belize on Thursday, 4th August at 9:00 a.m. There were no reports of fatalities and no reports of injured and missing persons. In Belize City, the Police and Fire Departments supported by the Belize Defence Force conducted 274 rescues prior to the declaration of the All Clear.

NEMO’s National Relief and Supplies Management Committee (RSMC) continues to mobilize assistance for people in the affected communities with food, water, tarp/plastic sheeting, cleaning supplies, mattress etc. The British Army Training Support Unit in Belize (BATSUB), the Belize Defence Force (BDF) and UNICEF have been assisting people in the shelters. The Belize Red Cross, and USAID are also supporting NEMO with field operations.

The latest Situation Report as at Tuesday August 9th, 2016 provided by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) in Belize stated the following:

  • There are a total of 170 persons in Shelters
  • Approximately 1,580 households or about 8,000 people have been assisted as reported by the National Relief Supplies Committee/Ministry of Human Development
  • Food relief supplies distributed include: 4,716 food packs; 3,603 gallons of water; 2,300 gallons of Clorox; 946 mattresses and 284 rolls of plastic sheetings/tarps.
  • The Belize water system is operational. San Pedro continues to operate in low water pressure mode as BWSL continues to repair leaks in the system. Billy White and Santa Familia water have been restored. On the old northern highway a water truck will be providing water for those communities in need.
  • Electricity has been restored to 99% of customers.
  • Telecommunications Speed net – Burrel Boom cell site was completely destroyed and is projected to be repaired by August 16th, 2016. The cell site at Love FM was also completely destroyed. Speed NET, the Renaissance tower site is being repaired. Two towers near JB on the George Price Highway are down and are currently undergoing repairs.
  • Sufficient Fuel is available.
  • Immediate humanitarian assessments and relief assistance continue.

The Vaqueros and Privassion Bridge is impassable to heavy equipment and big trucks. Small vehicles must exercise extreme caution whilst driving in this area. Iguana Creek Bridge is currently open and passable to vehicular traffic. The access route through Bullet Tree Falls village via the Bullet Tree Bridge is open. Spanish lookout via Baking Pot Ferry is impassable at this time. The wooden bridge in San Ignacio across the Macal River remains closed and is seriously damaged. NEMO advises persons to NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THIS BRIDGE. Hammock Bridge in Calla Creek has been destroyed. Blue Creek road is open and passable vehicular traffic.

People in the Belize District along the Belize River must continue to monitor the river. Area of concern is Belize River Valley.

Damage assessments are ongoing and persons not yet assessed in the Belize City District are asked to contact the Department of Human Services at #40 Regent Street Belize City, or call 227-7451. All public officers are asked to report to duty in Belize City.


REGIONAL RESPONSE: The Belizean Government indicated that they would not require the deployment of teams/units from the Regional Response Mechanism (RRM). As a result, the RRM has been stood down. The CDEMA Coordinating Unit is working with NEMO to develop proposal for an Emergency Response Grant (ERG). CDEMA is also exploring other avenues for funding to assist with community rehabilitation support.

Contact Details: The CDEMA CU 24hr contact number is 1 246 434-4880