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Risk Knowledge

This section provides guidance relating to the systematic collection of data and undertaking of risk assessments.

Introduction to Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment

This introductory guide documents how the Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) process can be effectively used by National Societies to reinforce disaster preparedness within their communities. Additionally this guide outlines how programmes can be better integrated with other projects/initiatives to enhance complementarity

Community Early Warning Systems: Guiding Principles

This guide aims to provide an overview of successful practices from the field for the disaster risk reduction/management practitioner interested in EWS. It presents guiding principles that will build a strong foundation for the design or strengthening of EWS at any level. It is not meant to be an operational guide but is more of a strategic one that insists on asking the right questions and exploring all perspectives prior to deciding whether or not early warning is the appropriate tool for a given context. For this section emphasis should be placed on reviewing Guiding principle 3: “Insist on multi-hazard EWS” and Guiding principle 4: “Systematically include Vulnerability”

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