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Eastern Caribbean Development Partners Group for Disaster Management (EDPGDM) PDF Print E-mail


The Eastern Caribbean Development Partners Group (ECDPG) was established to provide a forum for information sharing among donors and development partners, and to make strategic decisions regarding program development and coordination. Disaster Management is one of the six thematic groups of the ECDPG and has been formulated to facilitate the coordination of external emergency assistance to the countries of the Eastern Caribbean following a major natural or technological hazard. The main objective of the ECDPGDM is to facilitate an effective, timely and coordinated response operation, in the event of a rapid onset emergency and request from an affected Member State and in support of the existing regional mechanism.

Resources and commitments for post disaster support for 2013 have been provided by the ECDPGDM.

See below quick links to development partners conditions for support and how to access:



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