A report from Haiti Civil Protection Department Director Dr. Jerry Chandler to the Caribbean Development Partners Group (CDPG) on September 9, 2021 stated the following:

  • First response and search and rescue efforts have concluded and the reconstruction phase is underway, with the assistance of partners and humanitarian agencies. This phase is expected to last for another
  • Many schools and churches which serve as temporary shelters, have been impacted and rapid evaluation is being done to determine which are accessible and functional.
  • Several sectors suffered significant losses including hospitals and health centers, schools, both public and private, bridges, facilities and other critical infrastructure were affected by the earthquake. Going forward, more detailed analysis will be conducted to increase data collection by sector.
  • An assessment of health structures, carried out by the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) in the departments of Grand'Anse , Nippes and South, reports 62 structures seriously or partially damaged.

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