Period Cover:                     
From 15-03-1200 hours to 16-03-1200 hours

Guyana continues to experiencing heavy intermittent and continuous showers across the coast mainly in Region 2,3,4,5,6 over the last 24 hours, resulting in flooding in the farmlands, residential areas and businesses in the several communities on the low coastal plain of these Regions including the capital city. It was reported that the water level in the Mahaicony and Mahaica Creeks has remains the same as of yesterday. National Drainage and Irrigation Authority advised that releasing of excess water through the Mahaica Creek will continue. This has to be done to prevent over topping and breaches that can be cause due to the excess water in the conservancy.


The Hydromet Department of the Ministry of Agriculture advise that this weather pattern can be expected for the next ten (09) days.

Major impacted areas in the various regions are as follows:

Region 2:
There are reports of flooding in the communities of Lima, La Belle Alliance, La Union, Andrews, Anna Regina, Heneritta, Richmond, Better Hope and Better Success. There are also reports of farmlands being inundated with water. All pumps and sluices are operational in the region. The region and NDIA engineers are closely monitoring the structure. There are reports of overtopping of the main irrigation canal at Mariah’s Lodge Johanna Cecelia and Zorg.

Region 3:
There are reports of flooding at De Kindren and Meten-Meer-Zorg on the West Coast, section of Bellwest and No 2 Canal on the West Bank. There is an accumulation of flood water in Bonasika, Zeelugt, Den Amstel, Brandenburg, Hague on the West Coast, Canal No1, Nimes and Viva La Force on the West Bank. It was reported by NDIA that the koker door at Zeeburg is damaged. Excavation works ongoing at De Kindren. One pump was deployed to this area also.

Region 4:
Most of water in the affected areas of Georgetown; mainly South Ruimveldt, East Ruimveldt and Newtown, has receded. There are major accumulations of water at Herstelling, Farm, Little Diamond, Greenfield, Diamond and Grove on the East Bank, Plaisance, Buxton, Bachelors Adventure, Enterprise, Vigilance, Mon Repos, Lusignan, Success, Montrose on the East Coast, and Cane Grove in Mahaica.

Region 5:
There were reports of flooding at Sarah, Drill and Farm in Mahaicony, Blairmont, No. 28 Village, and in other low lying areas of the region.

Region 6:
There were reports of flooding in mostly low lying residential areas. At No 19 there is a major accumulation of water. There are also some water accumulation in yards at Fort Ordanace, Canefield and No 2. There are reports of agriculture farm lands across the region being flooded.

The total losses and number of persons affected to date is yet to be determined.


Civil Defence Commission
The Commission continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis by contacting the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority, and the Hydromet Department, and conducting assessments of the impacted areas.

Ministries and Government Organisation
Senior Government officials and technical official were deployed to inspect the conditions and work being done at the EDWC during this period.

Ministry of Agriculture
The Hdyromet Department continues to monitor the weather and provide updates. The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority continues to monitor the drainage systems, pumps and conservancies in the affected regions and provides updates to the relevant agencies. NDIA has also deployed pumps in areas such as Farm, Herstelling, Jimbo, Little Diamond, Helena Mahaica and other affected areas. Guysuco will be installing two (2) additional pumps, one at Montrose and one at Strasphey to assist in bringing relief to these affected communities.

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