There has been continuous heavy rainfall in Region 9 and in the Roraima State of Brazil resulting in the Rio Branco, Ireng and Takutu Rivers overflowing their banks. As a result of this event, Lethem and its environs and other low lying areas of Region 9 have become inundated with flood water.

The Hydrometeorological Department of the Ministry of Agriculture forecasted that Region 9 can expect cloudy conditions with moderate showers for the rest of the week. The completion of the works on the road, bridges, and culverts by the Ministry of Public Works and Communication and hired contractors is expected to make the road from Kurupurari to Lethem passable.

A total of sixty one (61) Amerindian communities in Central, South Central, North, Deep South and South Pakararaimas have been impacted by the floods in Region 9.


Roads: The Ministry of Public Works and Communication in collaboration with hired contractors are executing works to rectify the damaged sections of the roads particularly the sections between Kurupukari and Annai and along the Hunt Oil Stretch. The sections of the roads in Pirara that are overtopping are being monitored.

Bridges: The Ministry of Public Works and Communication in collaboration with hired contractors are working to restore four (4) damaged bridges along the Annai-Lethem stretch. Works are still to commence on the Araquai and Kabanawau Bridges in Deep South Rupununi and the Najah Bridge in Central Rupununi.  

Culverts: The extent of the damages to the inundated culverts will be determined after the water receded.

Airstrips: All regional airstrips are operable except Bashaidrun and Sand Creek main airstrip.

Public Transportation Services: Public transportation via off road vehicles from Kurupurari to Lethem will recommence as soon as bridges, road and culverts along the access road are rectify. The Guyana Defence Force and the Regional Democratic Council continue to transport residents to and from Central Lethem, and to the immediate environs. A total of 16000 persons were transported to date.


Schools: All the schools in the regions have been reopened except for Arapaima Nursery, Culvert City, St. Ignatius Nursery, Primary, and Secondary. The Arapaima Primary and Culvert City Nursery schools are being used as shelters for displaced persons.

Government Buildings: Only the Amerindian Hostel building remains affected. None of the health facilities were affected by the flood water.


A total of seven (7) shops/stores are affected. The total loss is being assessed.  Banks and other commercial entities continue business as usual in Central Rupununi.  Information on business and commercial activities in the other parts of the region is being awaited.


Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T): The water level around the exchange in Lethem is receding and the telephone company has reduced the cost of calls out of Lethem to the rest of the country from both landlines and mobile phones to one dollar ($1.00) per minute.  The company reported to have fuel to last for approximately one month. The landline phone that is located at Sand Creek remains unserviceable, efforts are being made to rectify the problem.

Digicel: The Company’s installation was not affected because it is located on high ground.

Lethem Power Company (LPC): Power to Lethem and St. Ignatius was restored on June 05, 2011.  Power is being supplied 16 hours daily to Lethem. The Regional Democratic Council provided transportation to LPC to shuttle the resupply of fuel from Pirara to Lethem across the inundated section of the road.

Guyana Water Inc (GWI): Water is being provided from the Bon Success well to residents of Lethem, which is operating 18 hours daily. GWI wells and residential wells will be treated with Calcium Hydrochloride. Additionally residents are being provided with water treatment tablets, solutions and collapsible bottles to store water for drinking purpose.


A total of 401 persons from Lethem and its environs are displaced and housed at private dwellings and seven (7) shelters that are manned by the Regional Administration.


The Civil Defence Commission in collaboration with the Guyana Defence Force Air Corps is stock piling rations and other essential items at Lethem. These items are then distribution to the outlying areas with the assistance of the Remote Area Medical Services (RAMS). The shelters continue to prepare food for shelterees and affected residents on a daily basis.


A total of 40,000 gallons of treated water were distributed to residents of Central Rupununi to date. Additionally, in excess of 200 bottles of 2.5 gallons of potable water were distributed to residents of Culvert City and Tabatinga.


No flood related illness was reported to date. Two Medex arrived on Thursday, June 09, 2011 to augment the region’s medical capacity. The Ministry of Health is planning to commence fumigating Central Rupununi with effect from Friday, June 10, 2011.


A total of 2143 farms are reported to be affected. The total number of cattle affected is being assessed. The Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the affected areas.


Four schools in Central Rupununi remain closed. Two are being used as shelters while the other two are affected by the flood waters.


No serious breaches were reported.


The Guyana Red Cross Society and RAMS continue to provide assistance to the affected residents. The Ministry of Public Works and Communication, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and other line agencies at Lethem, and the Civil Defence Commission continue to support the Regional Democratic Council in the coordination of the relief efforts. The Regional Emergency Operations Centre at the Regional Guest House remains activated

•    Food Supplies
•    Disinfectant
•    Medical Supplies
•    Cleaning Supplies
•    Water purification tablets and solutions
•    Restoration of bridges, culverts
•    Reopening of closed schools
•    Fumigating of affected areas
•    Closing of shelters
•    Treatment of wells with Calcium Hydrochloride
•    Provision of fuel to key installations


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Address: State House, Lethem, Region 9
Telephone #: (592) 772-2020
FAX: (592) 772-2020


Contact Information

Address: Civil Defence Commission, Thomas Road, Thomas Lands, Georgetown.
Telephone #: (592) 226-1114, 226-8815, 226-1027 or 225-5847
FAX: (592) 225-0486

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