Message: Chantal degenerates into tropical wave. Jamaica and the Bahamas should continue to monitor the progress of the remnants of Chantal.

Tropical Storm Chantal formed over the central tropical Atlantic on Sunday night, July 7, 2013. This triggered Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings for several of the CDEMA Participating States. As of 5.00 p.m. today, July 10, 2013 Chantal degenerated into a tropical wave. All watches and warnings have been discontinued.

During the passage of Tropical Storm Chantal, several of CDEMA Participating States were impacted.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, tropical storm winds could still affect Haiti over the next day or so. The remnants of Chantal are expected to produce up to 3 to 6 inches of rain over Hispaniola, Jamaica and the Southeastern Bahamas. Jamaica and the Bahamas should continue to monitor the progress of the remnants of Chantal.

Dominica Meteorological Office reported that Dominica started experiencing the effects of Tropical Storm Chantal near 8.00 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, July 9, 2013. At approximately 11.00 a.m., the center of Chantal passed over the island with gusty winds of 50 mph (80.4 km/h) and mainly affected the southern part of the island.

Preliminary reports from the Office of Disaster Management have indicated the following:

  • 9 residential houses suffered roof damage.
  • Electricity was disrupted in several parts of the island but has been restored to most areas.
  • DOMLEC is working to ensure full restoration.
  • Water services were affected by both power outages and intake of siltage and this resulted in a number of communities being without water throughout yesterday (July 9). Service was generally restored and work is continuing to restore services in the few areas that are still affected.
  • Landslides have resulted in the closure of four major roads. Numerous fallen trees also impeded traffic on several roads. All roads are now accessible with the exception of one.
  • Agriculture Sector has reported damage to plantain and banana crops on the West Coast and several greenhouses. Damage assessments are continuing today (July 10).

Needs Request

  • Portable water treatment plant
  • Water purifiers
  • Fuel for public works and government machinery undertaking clean-up activities
  • Support to Agricultural sector for greenhouse repairs and/or replacement
  • Construction material to support strengthening of shelters and houses

Haiti is on Red Alert and the NEOC is fully activated. All District Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) are now fully activated.

Jamaica has been monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Chantal. The National Response Teams met today to discuss readiness actions.

Preliminary reports from the Department of Emergency Management have indicated minimal damage.

SAINT LUCIA The National Emergency Management Organization reported that generally, except for the two small landslides, Chantal’s passage was relatively uneventful over the island. No major damage was reported.


  • The CDEMA Coordinating Unit has been in contact with the impacted and threatened Participating States. Preliminary reports have been received from the impacted states.
  • The CDEMA Coordinating Unit stands ready to provide response support should this become necessary.
  • CDEMA will continue to monitor the situation and issue updates as necessary.

CONTACT DETAILS: The CDEMA CU 24hr contact number is 1 (246) 425-0386. HF Radio contact 7.453.50 and 14.415.00