Here the intention is to develop a Forum section where users can discuss about the various parts of the handbook and the applicability for their own situation. 

We are currently investigating what the interests are of potential users for such a Forum. 

•The starting point is that the Handbook addresses typical activities that you do in your work….as an planner, engineer or geospatial analyst in the Caribbean. You are confronted with flooding, landslides or other hazards in your country and you have to address this problem in your work. 


You are therefore wondering for a specific activity:

  • Which activity are you working on? e.g. land use planning, building control, land subdivision, ciritical infrastructure planning etc.? 

  • What is the standard practice in using geospatial data for addressing hazard and risk issues in my specific activity.

  • How do others approach it?

  • Where can I get specific information?

  • Where can I information for my country/region?

  • Who else is working on similar things in other countries?

  • Can we exchange experiences?

We intend to make threads related to the various use case in the Use Case book.