7th CDM Conference: Donors ask for a bigger bang

Montego Bay, Jamaica, December 3rd, 2012, (Panos) - Donors are seeking projects with results which contribute towards a greater  impact in disaster planning and the implementation resiliency strategies. “It’s not good enough to do outputs. If they are not leading to a change it’s not good enough, “ stated Martin Dyble, Regional Results Advisor with the UK based Department for International Development  (DFID) on Monday,  in one  of the first presentations of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)’s  7th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management  on December 3.

The conference is on at the Hilton Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica from December 3rd – 7th, 2012,  convened under the theme: “CDM: Building Disaster Resilience – A Shared Responsibility.”

“Quite often when you are doing projects people say it’s too early to give results? It’s never too early to see results. From one year to the next something will change arising from your programme. Those are results,” Dyble insisted to his audience of regional disaster management experts.

“We have to show what will happen in one year which will contribute to the long term goal. If this cannot be demonstrated the plug  on the project will be pulled. We wanted to see changes and outcomes. Outputs are not sufficient although they do show how well we are progression towards the outcomes. It is not enough to say we know it works in Anguilla. We need a bit more analysis than that. Set goals year on year and then the final target.

“Nobody said it was easy and one may well ask if it is not too soon to show results. But, all of this is in the context where we are trying to get the best value for the money we put in.”

According to Dybel, “we in DFID talk about three Es. The first is economy, the second is  efficiency and the last is effectiveness which is the extent to which the outputs deliver the impacts expected.

“We look at value in everything we do from the stage of procurement; as well as looking at the programmatic results that we can expect. We have to do a business case for every programme that we do now. It goes back to transparency and being explicit.”

Alexander Isaacs, Guyanese country director of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Caribbean Union, said he was in complete agreement. “The country in which the project is being implemented should be made accountable for the results of their particular project. This should be built in from the stage of the project proposal.”
Over 300 disaster planners from  within the 35 countries of the Caribbean region are in attendance at the conference.


Source: Avia Ustonny, Panos
Blog: http://cdmconference.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/donors-ask-for-a-bigger-bang/ 

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