Bridgetown, Barbados Wednesday October 13, 2010 – (CDEMA) – CDEMA’s partnership and focus on resilience in rebuilding Haiti compliments this year’s International Day for Disaster Reduction’s (IDDR’s) theme of “Making Cities Resilient”.


“Making Cities Resilient : My City is getting ready”, the theme of the two year (2010-2011) Global Campaign will be the focus of my message to the CDEMA Participating States on this International Day for Disaster Reduction, Wednesday, October 13, 2010. Click here for more.

Bridgetown, Barbados Monday October 11, 2010 – (CDEMA) – CDEMA with the financial support of the Australian Government continues to provide direct technical assistance to Haiti following the devastating earthquake earlier this year.

The Haiti Technical Assistance Programme (HTAP), a desk established at the CDEMA Coordinating Unit (CDEMA CU) seeks to build capacity at Haiti’s Civil Protection Directorate (CPD) in specific areas.

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