Nominations now open for CDEMA 20th Anniversary Awards

Nominations are now open for the CDEMA 20th Anniversary Awards. As part of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) 20th anniversary, twenty awards will be presented to individuals and institutions whose long term efforts have fundamentally changed the delivery of disaster management in the region for the better. Deadline for nominations – October 26, 2011. Click here for nomination form and guidelines.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) is commemorating 20 years as the regional agency for disaster management. It is an opportunity to reflect, appreciate, and learn from our past, as we look towards the future.

Since 1991, CDEMA, formerly the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) has worked with its many partners to enhance the resilience of its Participating States to hazard impacts.  Development of the requisite disaster management tools as well as education and training has been central to CDEMA’s efforts in building capacity at the national and regional levels.  Further, the introduction of a Comprehensive Disaster Management approach has resulted in an integrated strategy for disaster risk management to meet the challenges of the region’s growing vulnerability to the frequency and intensity of hazard events including those associated with changing climate.

It is therefore fitting as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary to recognise the contribution and commitment of individuals, institutions and agencies who have been involved over the years in the development and strengthening of disaster management capacity across the region.

In this regard, long standing employees of the national disaster offices and the CDEMA Coordinating Unit were honored at an Awards Presentation hosted by the Department of Disaster Management, at the 2nd Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee held May 24, 2011 in the Virgin Islands.

We also wish to acknowledge our partners and those other stakeholders from the wider community who have been instrumental in changing the disaster management landscape in the region. To this end, we intend to host a CDEMA 20th Anniversary Awards Dinner at the 6th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management being convened at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad Hotel in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad from 5 - 9 December 2011.

The Awards Dinner will also culminate the CDEMA 20th Anniversary Activities.


This CDEMA 20th Anniversary Award is a special award to recognise individuals and agencies whose contributions have significantly influenced disaster management in the region.  Twenty (20) awards will be presented at the CDEMA 20th Anniversary Awards Dinner at the at the 6th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad Hotel in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad,  December 8, 2011.   

Eligible recipients: Any individual, agency or institution from the public and private sectors, national, regional, or international bodies.

Criteria for Award: This award recognizes and honours a person or organisation that has demonstrated commitment over the years in

  1. Contributing significantly to the establishment and development of the regional Agency and its operations
  2. Facilitating, Developing and/or implementing programs which fundamentally changed the delivery of disaster management for the better;
  3. Motivating other people or organisations to become actively involved in disaster management;
  4. Working toward positive long-term changes which have had positive national and/or regional  implications; or
  5. Providing leadership that inspired others to excel or make the impossible happen

Method of Application: Nomination through the attached form must be completed and submitted to the CDEMA Coordinating Unit by e-mail.  It is important to ensure that nomination forms clearly document the accomplishments of the nominees.  You may submit more than one nomination. No candidate may nominate themselves. Only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

Selection of Awardees: A panel of judges will select the awardees and their decisions are final.

Notification of Awards:
Awardees will be notified by e-mail by November 11, 2011.

Submission of Application: Applications are to be submitted by email to the CDEMA Coordinating Unit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The “CDEMA 20th Anniversary Award” must be the stated as the subject of the e-mail.  

Application Deadline: Closing date for applications is October 26, 2011

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