CDEMA Executive Director visits Suriname to discuss opportunities for advancing CDM

Bridgetown, Barbados, May 18, 2011 – (CDEMA) - The CDEMA Coordinating Unit (CU) will conduct a country support mission to Suriname May 19-20, 2011. Jeremy Collymore, Executive Director, of CDEMA will meet with senior officials of the Government, including the Ministry of Defence, and the National Coordination Center for Disaster Relief (NCCR), to discuss and identify areas of support with regard to advancing Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) and deepening collaboration between the CDEMA CU and Suriname. This is the first such mission since Suriname joined the agency.

Discussions are expected to focus on the national Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Programme and the technical and other support that is available to Suriname as a CDEMA Member State. 

Jeremy Collymore said, “This mission is in keeping with the CDEMA CU ongoing priority efforts to make its DRR capacity and capability initiatives country centered. These one–on--one consultation with top level decision makers and technical officials help us to determine the extent of support required, and establish a shared understanding of the manageable expectations of the CDEMA CU and the PS.”

He added, “With regard to Suriname, which joined CDEMA in September 2009, we will be looking in particular at opportunities available under the CDEMA System to Suriname and also its responsibilities as a Participating State.”

CDEMA receives funding from several donor agencies to undertake a wide range of projects and programs relevant to the regional comprehensive management strategy and framework and aimed at reducing Disaster Risk Reduction and the effects of climate change in the Caribbean region.

This provides opportunities for countries to participate and benefit from initiatives being undertaken in the areas of institutional capacity building, knowledge management, building community resilience and sector mainstreaming of DRR.  Training and technical assistance is also available to its 18 Participating States in the development of multi-year national level CDM programs.

Since becoming a member of CDEMA, Suriname has benefited directly and indirectly from several initiatives funded through the European Development Fund, United States Agency for International Development/Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the United Kingdom Agency for International Development (UKaid)).    These include:  ICT based information sharing equipment and software, web-based training of personnel in introductory disaster management, Tsunami awareness materials and he development and translation into Dutch of a standardised suite of all hazards disaster awareness materials inclusive of posters, brochures and flyers which are available on the CDEMA Public Portal;

Accompanying CDEMA’s Executive Director on this mission is the Coordinating Unit’s focal point for Suriname, Ms Gayle Drakes, Programme Officer, Comprehensive Disaster Management – Harmonization Implementation Program.

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