National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) implements a Tsunami Public Awareness and Education campaign

St. George’s Grenada, April 28, 2011 (CDEMA) - The Grenada National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) is implementing a five day Tsunami and Other Coastal Hazards Public Awareness and Education (PAE) campaign in partnership with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and funded by the Government of Australia, Agency for International Development (AusAID). The campaign’s main objective is to promote increased awareness about tsunami and other coastal hazards risks and also aims to empower those in roles of responsibility and influence with the correct tools to dissemination tsunami information. The Public Awareness and Education campaign will hopefully reduce the number of fatalities and damage to coastal businesses and communities.

The strategic launch of Easter Monday Bank Holiday, 25th April, ensured the campaign started its essential tsunami message with great impact. The ‘Know the Natural Warning Signs’ beach signage was unveiled on the picturesque Grand Anse Beach in the Saint George Parish. This renowned local and tourist location was ideal for conducting surveys and highlighting the importance of tsunami preparedness.  Presentations were made by Ms Pamela Knights, Information Officer/Documentalist on behalf of Mr. Jeremy Collymore, Executive Director of CDEMA; Mr. Benedict Peters, National Disaster Coordinator for NaDMA; and Mr. Nazim V. Burke, Minister for Finance and Foreign Trade.

On days two and three, NaDMA hosted at their offices, workshops which specifically targeted various groups and stakeholders. Media and Public Information Officers were invited to attend day one of the workshop, while Community Programme Officers, Community Groups and other relevant groups attended day two. The agenda focused on the sensitisation process, the empowerment of information sharing, civic duty and where to obtain further information. Ms. Donna Redman, Director of Special Projects of Acute Vision Inc. presented the adapted PAE materials for Grenada and shared the strategic elements behind the multi-media materials designed for the campaign. Mr. Jason Lyons, Community Programme Officer and Mr. Benedict Peters, National Disaster Coordinator made presentations on Tsunamis Generation and Protocols for Disseminating Information, respectively.

The campaign message engages a diverse cross section of community groups by utilizing varied mediums, such as television PSA, radio PSA, print media, Facebook and SMS messaging. The viral campaign enables the public to absorb small pieces of information quickly with ‘5 Tsunami Facts’ texted and posted on each day of the campaign.

The Tsunami Public Awareness and Education campaign continues with its outreach to schools in vulnerable areas. On Thursday Mr. Jason Lyons, NaDMA’s Community Programme Officer as well as members of the NaDMA Tsunami Team spoke to students from the St. George's Methodist School informing them about tsunamis and how they should respond. Flyers, brochures and stickers were distributed during the visit, enabling the children to share these pieces of information with parents and friends.

Today, Mr. Lyons and the NaDMA Tsunami Team will speak to children from the St. Andrew Anglican Primary School, when they will also present the students with other pieces of information.

As the National Disaster Coordinator, Mr. Peters noted: “Our children are our future. This is a learning process and we must ensure that everyone is aware of how they should respond in the event of a Tsunami.  If you feel a strong earthquake, or see the sea draw far back or hear a strange roar, don’t watch and wait, run to higher ground.”

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