Strengthening Haiti’s Emergency Communications

Bridgetown, Barbados Monday September 20, 2010 (CDEMA) – Disaster Risk Management (DRM) experts at Haiti’s Civil Protection Directorate (CPD) will benefit from training in Emergency Communications through the CDEMA’s Haiti Technical Assistance Program. CDEMA’s HTAP staff will facilitate a three day workshop from September 22- 24, 2010 in Port au Prince supported by regional Emergency Communications and Information and Communications Technology specialists.

The workshop will address on field emergency impact and communications preparedness in the event of a major emergency while building overall capacity in the CPD in emergency communication. Additionally training will:

  • Enhance the DRM resource inventory and capacity of Haiti in emergency communications while strengthening the Disaster Management personnel’s ability to utilize available tools and communicate emergency information locally, regionally and internationally, and,
  • Improve through the utilization of web based technology the transmission of emergency information within the CDEMA system.

This activity emphasizes the commitment of CDEMA to Haiti’s recovery and rehabilitation process following January’s earthquake.
According to Dr. Virginia Clerveaux, Senior Programme Officer, HTAP “…one of the most important factors in ensuring a successful response to any disaster or emergency is effective and timely communication between responders, decision-makers and the public.”

Training will inform actions at both the national level and community levels and will highlight the importance of effective communication in emergency response.

The participants will be exposed to one of CDEMA’s new ICT initiatives – WebEOC- a web-based information management system that provides a single access point for the collection and dissemination of emergency or event-related information.

The workshop was made possible with the support of the Australian Government through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) which donated Aus$1 million to support CDEMA’s relief assistance to the Participating State.

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