CDEMA hosts its fourth GeoCRIS Beginner Training

Bridgetown, Barbados July 28, 2023 – As the CDEMA Coordinating Unit embarks on further inclusion of technology in its disaster management processes, the fourth annual GeoCRIS Beginner Training was hosted virtually with MapAction, bringing together the 19 CDEMA Participating States. Over 30 participants received in-depth training through specific modules and practical scenarios, equipping them with the tools needed to utilize geospatial data for risk and hazard mapping, as well as disaster preparedness and response.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the training, Executive Director of CDEMA, Ms. Elizabeth Riley, underscored the importance of the GeoCRIS in today’s complex, multi-hazard environment. “We know that the frequency of hazard events is increasing not just on the climate side but also we’re seeing increases in the complex interactions between climate hazards and hazards that are derived from other sources. What it means is that the Regional Response Mechanism which has been operating since 1991, we really need to scale it up by leveraging our technology to ensure that we can respond appropriately to very complex situations,” Riley said.

She added that the GeoCRIS belongs to the Participating States, and challenged them to provide data and integrate the lessons learnt into the business processes and Standard Operating Procedures of their respective National Disaster Offices. “The GeoCRIS can be leveraged by you to respond and prepare for disaster impact to your participating state or others by providing access to geospatial data required for risk and hazard mapping as well as contributing to the decision-making processes at all levels,” Riley added.

Executive Director of MapAction, Liz Hughes, shared the importance of the training saying, “As a partner to CDEMA, MapAction has been delighted to participate in the development of GeoCris and the annual exercises to simulate its use. Every time we do so, we learn new things as an organisation and are thrilled to see CDEMA’s geospatial capabilities go from strength to strength.”

The development of the GeoCRIS was facilitated in collaboration with the World Bank, MapAction and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, with financial support from the European Union (EU) in the framework of the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program, managed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. Additional resources are also provided by

the Canadian Government through Global Affairs Canada to further the development and awareness of the CRIS.


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