CDEMA Supports Hazard Management and Planning Training Course at University of Technology in Jamaica

Bridgetown, Barbados, February 11, 2013 (CDEMA) - During the period February 11-14, the University of Technology, Jamaica/Faculty of the Built Environment (FOBE), in collaboration with CDEMA under its CARICOM/Brazil/FAO Cooperation Programme on Disaster Risk Reduction, will be hosting the Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management (BUE6023) course. This tertiary level short training course seeks to provide graduate level students from the region with a sound knowledge of contemporary disaster management policy and practice that will enhance their capacity to analyze and manage disaster management issues associated with the built environment.

CDEMA sees this initiative as timely as we strongly support the need for greater integration of disaster risk reduction into all aspects of development planning as a means of enhancing the resilience of our states to disaster events.

Through the CARICOM/Brazil/FAO Cooperation Programme, the Government of Brazil has made over US$1M available to CARICOM states for initiatives aimed at enhancing the resilience of the region to disasters. It is supportive of the regional Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy, and in particular, Priority Outcome 4 of the Strategy which focuses on enhancing the resilience of communities to respond to and recover from the effects of disasters and climate change.

The Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management course will be facilitated by Mrs. Eleanor Jones, an International Environmental Risk Management and Development professional with significant experience in the fields of disaster risk management, environmental management and sustainable development. Mr. Jeremy Collymore, CDEMA Executive Director, will evaluate the course with a view to recommending areas for strengthening for future offerings as part of an initiative to strengthen regional skills that will enhance capacity for resilience policy and programme development. It is anticipated that the course will offered on an annual basis.

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