MESSAGE: 7.0 HAITI EARTHQUAKE UPDATE #11 (As at 16:00 hrs, January 31, 2010)


Emergency relief and response operations continue in Haiti following the earthquake on January 12 2010. There has been a mass exodus out of the capital Port au Prince with migration of people to the north and southwest of the Island totaling around 235,000.

The Government of Haiti remains challenged in managing and coordinating the relief efforts. Requests have been made to CARICOM to support the urgent needs for supplies related to the provision of shelter and other humanitarian aid.

MESSAGE: 7.0 HAITI EARTHQUAKE UPDATE #9 CARICOM Strengthening Haiti Relief Activities (As at 16:00 hrs, January 21, 2010)


An aftershock of magnitude 6.1 was felt as late as yesterday January 20, 2010 in Haiti. No significant damages were reported as a result of the aftershock.

However, the situation on the island is improving slowly. Efforts are being made to clean the main thoroughfares and collect some of the garbage off the streets. There are at least two areas where garbage is set on fire in an attempt to dispose of it.

Commerce has restarted throughout the city of Port-au-Prince along the roadside with hundreds of vendors selling from cooked food to gasoline and general merchandise.

Thousands of people continue to traffic throughout the city during the daylight periods (in vehicles and on foot) and there are numerous traffic jams especially en-route to and from the airport. There are no reports of dead bodies around the roadside

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