Haiti Earthquake Update #9 CARICOM Strengthening Haiti Relief Activities

MESSAGE: 7.0 HAITI EARTHQUAKE UPDATE #9 CARICOM Strengthening Haiti Relief Activities (As at 16:00 hrs, January 21, 2010)


An aftershock of magnitude 6.1 was felt as late as yesterday January 20, 2010 in Haiti. No significant damages were reported as a result of the aftershock.

However, the situation on the island is improving slowly. Efforts are being made to clean the main thoroughfares and collect some of the garbage off the streets. There are at least two areas where garbage is set on fire in an attempt to dispose of it.

Commerce has restarted throughout the city of Port-au-Prince along the roadside with hundreds of vendors selling from cooked food to gasoline and general merchandise.

Thousands of people continue to traffic throughout the city during the daylight periods (in vehicles and on foot) and there are numerous traffic jams especially en-route to and from the airport. There are no reports of dead bodies around the roadside

The CARICOM Contingent continues to provide emergency response and relief support to the affected population in Port of Prince from two locations.

Main Base: A main base camp is established at the Food for the Poor compound where the administration and logistics functions are carried out. This is about one mile from the airport and is a secure and clean location. The CARICOM forces provide the security for the entire complex and are supported by the local security guards who function as translators.

Command Post: CARICOM has established a command post at the Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport to manage the logistics and coordination of CARICOM relief aid and personnel arriving in Haiti.

Duties: The Contingent continues to provide Security for search and rescue teams and security details around both camps. They are also providing escorts for both the United Nations food distribution and Food for the Poor convoys.

Communications: The Command Post has established radio communications to support operations on the ground. Digicel, the local telecommunications network, has donated 20 hand held radios to support CARICOM relief activities. Local cell phone service remains intermittent text messaging has proven to be more reliable.

Regional Fund Raising and Pledges (New)
Antigua and Barbuda has dispatched relief supplies via the LIAT provided aircraft to the regional staging point for relief activities in Haiti, Jamaica. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has opened an account at the Antigua Commercial Bank to receive donations for the Haiti relief fund. Other find raising activities are being planned.

Guyana: US$13, 000.00 was raised in a countrywide telethon for the Haiti relief effort. Guyana also has available for donation two (2) containers of lumber as well as bottled water, bottled refined oil and pharmaceuticals.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: EC$ 37,000.00 was raised in a countrywide telethon for the Haiti relief effort. They are also making available a 20 ft container with water and a 40 ft container with food supplies.

Virgin Islands: US$80,000.00 has been pledged to the Haiti relief effort and. Another US$180,000.00 was raised by civil society. In addition two (2) doctors along with orthopedic tools and supplies for surgeries were sent to Haiti via charter flights secured by the Rotary Clubs.

The CDEMA CU 24-hour contact number is (246) 425 0386.

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