Information Communication Technology Assessment for Turks and Caicos Islands 11th – 15th November 2013

Turks and Caicos Islands, November 11th,2013 (DDME) - An Information Communications Technology (ICT) Assessment for the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies, Turks and Caicos Islands is currently being carried out by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

Mr. Atiba Morris, ICT Support Specialist for CDEMA will be conducting an evaluation of the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies (DDME) ICT Infrastructure, which includes testing all equipment and services for verification of functionality. This is part of an initiative to enhance the ICT capacity of CDEMA Participating States to better respond to disaster events.

The objectives of the mission are:

  • To determine the current ICT Capacity of the National Disaster Office for supporting disaster management;
  • To identify telecommunications and information technology priorities towards improving the current ICT capacity;
  • To provide ICT recommendations emerging from the assessment;
  • To identify funding sources to support the implementation of recommendations of the assessment;
  • To develop a project proposal for implementation of ICT gaps emerging from the ICT Assessment;
  • To provide in-country technical support through equipment configuration;
  • To have discussions with the local ICT Government personnel charged with the responsibility of governing the DDME ICT infrastructure and provide recommendations for the improvement of DDME’s ICT infrastructure;

The ICT Assessment will be conducted utilizing the Regional Infrastructure for information Sharing and Development and Adaptation of Model Contingency ICT Plan produced by CDEMA. The TCI is the third CDEMA-PS in which this assessment has been conducted.

Mr. Morris will be in the Islands until 16th November 2013.

For further information contact:

Andrea Been
Telephone: 649 - 946 - 2061
Fax: 649 - 946 - 1230
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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