The CDM Governance Mechanism is a framework for promoting a structured and harmonized approach for the development and implementation of CDM programming in the Participating States of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA). It facilitates opportunities for cooperative financing and collaborative programming in support of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the region. The governance of the CDM programming attempts to:

  1. Strengthen national, sectoral and regional partnerships through participatory management;
  2. Strengthen regional capacity for leadership in advancing the disaster loss reduction agenda;
  3. Enhance mainstreaming of DRR into sectors;
  4. Promote a programme based approach to the implementation of CDM;
  5. Minimize duplication of efforts; and
  6. Promote the efficiency of use of scarce resources

The membership of the CDM Governance Mechanism includes the CDM Coordination and Harmonization Council (CDM CHC) and Six (6) Sector Sub-Committees. Please see diagrammatic illustration below.

To date all the Sector Sub-Committees have been operationalised except the Finance Sector.  It is noteworthy that members of the CDM CHC have established the following specialized sub-committees to support the work of the CDM CHC and the 6 sectors:

  1. CDM Database Sub-Committee
  2. CDM MER Framework Sub-Committee
  3. Gender Working Group
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