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CDM 2009 Presentations PDF Print E-mail

Day 1 - Monday, December 7, 2009

Caribbean Emergency Legislation Project and other World Bank supported activities for Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean
by Niels Holm-Nielsen, World Bank
Pro-Active Assistance and Post-Disaster Financial Instruments of the Caribbean Development Bank
by Norman Cameron, Caribbean Development Bank

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ocho Rios+ 25: The Evolution & Revolution of Disaster Management in the Caribbean
by Franklin McDonald, ISD, UWI
Making use of Disasters to Advance Mitigation - The `Acorn to the Forest' - Key Developments 1984 to 2009
by Prof. Ian Davis, Cranfield, Oxford Brookes, Kyoto Universities
Retracing the Steps, Framing the Future: CDERA to CDEMA
Jeremy Collymore, CDEMA
Mitigation & Political Will, Where Are We After All These Tears? Ways Forward
by Dr. Richard Olson, Florida International University
Risk Management: The Role of Government, the Role of the Market
by Prof. Frederick Krimgold, Virginia Tech
The Relationship of Disaster Risk Reduction Policy & Development Policy Over Time
by Dr. Stephen Bender, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist
The Pacific Regional Strategy & Arrangements for Hyogo Framework for Action Implementation
by Mosese Sikivou, SOPAC
Strategies for Empowering Children and Young People in Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) to Ehance Community Resilience - A Practitioner's View
by Sarah Dean, UK Emergency Planning Society
Reaching Youth and Communities: Good Pratices for Promoting Disaster Risk Management Initiatives in the Caribbean
by Dr. Paulette Bynoe, University of Guyana
Caribbean Case Studies on Community-Led Disaster Risk Management Initiatives
by Leslie Walling, Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Fund
Community Risk Reduction Initiatives in the OECS
by Joan Norville, OECS
Community-Based Climate Change Initiatives in the Pacific
by Fine Lao, SPREP

Day 3 - Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Cross Youth & Disaster Risk Reduction
by Ashanta Osborne-Moses
Mechanisms for Integrating Disaster Risk Management in Climate Change - An International Perspective
by Jennifer Guralnick, UNISDR Americas
Mechanisms for Integrating Disaster Risk Management in Climate Change - Interventions in the Caribbean
by Nicole Alleyne, CDEMA
The Caribbean Risk Management Initiative - A Regional Approach to Advance the Integration of Disaster Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change
by Ian King, CRMI
The Economics of Climate Change
by Dr. Asha Kambon, ECLAC
Perspectives on the Impact of Climate Change on Disaster Management Planning
by Dr. Barbara Carby, Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist
A Community-Based Approach to Climate Change Adaptation in Small Islands: Lessons from Bequia, St. Vincent Grenadines
by Howie Prince, NEMO
Mainstreaming of DRM and CC into National Planning - The Vanuatu Case Study as Good Practice
by Willimas Bae Worwor, Task Force Vanuatu
Humanitarian Response Challenges of Inernational Concern 2009 - The UNOCHA Perspective
by Dusan Zupka, UNOCHA
Managing the H1N1 Pandemic in 2009 - Expectations for 2010
by Monica Zaccarelli, PAHO
The 2009 South Pacific Tsunami - Implications for Caribbean Prepations
by Cesar Toro, IOC
FAHUM Excercise 2010 Briefing
by LTC David B. Spencer, USARSO
Empowering Coastal Communities to Prepare for and Respond to Tsunamis and Other Coastal Hazards
by Alison Brome, CDEMA
Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction through Training and Information Sharing: The Jamaican Approach
by Cheryl Nicols, ODPEM
Earth Science Week 2009: Tsunami Ready Environment & Education - A Model for Promoting Community Resilience through Youth Partnerships
by Monique T. Johnson, SRC
Risk Reduction in Cuba
by Con. Miguel Gonzalez, Cuban National Civil Defense
Network on Disaster Knowledge, Research & Scientific Information Management in Latin America
by Dr. Margarita Fuentes, CLAMED
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Risk Effectively: The Caribbean Risk Atlas Project
by Maurice Mason, DRRC
Building Disaster Resilient Communities in Jamaica: Best Practices & Transferrables
by Joanna O'gilvie, ODPEM
Applying a Multi-Sector Approach to Community Risk Management: A Trinidad & Tobago Pilot Initiative
by Karen Lynch-Thompson, ODPM
The Landscape & Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment Methodology (LIRA): Is it Relevant to Disaster Adaptation & Preparedness in the Caribbean?
by Harvey Hill, Government of Canada
Regional Infrastructure for Information Sharing & Development: Baseline Study & Preliminary Results
by Dr. Stephen Louis, Business Tech Research
The Web-Based Emergency Operations Centre (WebEOC): Progress & Challenges in CDEMA Participating States
by Paul Crawford, ESi
GEO Caribbean Flood Pilot - Bringing Satellite Technology to Caribbean Disaster Managers
by Stuart Frye, NASA
Using Space Based Information to Support CDM - Opportunities for the Caribbean
by Juan-Carlos Villagran, UN-SPIDER
Traditional DRM & Post-Crisis Coping Practices, in particular on Outer Islands
by Loti Yates, Solomon Islands NDMO
The Maritime Industry: Climate Change Challenges & Solutions
by Carolyn Graham, Maritime Authority of Jamaica
Building a Network of Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) - The Green Cross Environmental Emergency Network Experience
by John Coo, Green Cross Canada
Enhancing Community Resilience & Adaptation to Flooding: Empowering Youths in the Community of Moneague
by Michael R.A Wilson & Amani Ishemo, UTECH

Day 4 - Thursday, December 10, 2009

CDM Mainstreaming, Governance & Programming
by Andria Grosvenor, CDEMA

National Reporting on CDM Outcomes

Jamaica Sub-Region
by Ronald Jackson,ODPEM
Antigua & Barbuda Sub-Region
by Philmore Mullin, NODS
Barbados Sub-Region
by Judy thomas, DEM
Trinidad & Tobago Sub-Region
by Karen Lynch-Thompson, ODPM
CDM Coordination & Harmonisation Council: A Good Practice for Harmonization of Disaster Risk Management Initiatives
by Roger Bellers, DFID

Sectoral Reporting

Education Sector Sub-Committee (Pt.1) (Pt.2)
by Prof. Trevor Jackson, UWI
Caribbean Health Disaster Risk Reduction Committee
by Nicole Wynter, PAHO
Tourism Sector Sub-Committee
by Gail Henry, CTO
Agriculture Disaster Risk Management Committee
by Emmerson Beckles, FAO
Streamlining Country Work Programming
by Cisne Pascal, CDEMA
The CDM Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Framework & Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool
by Evan Green, BAASTEL


CDEMA Annual Reports