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Case Study

The Caribbean region is particularly vulnerable to natural hazards impacts with the recent spate of extreme and catastrophic events in the Caribbean (Tropical Storm Tomas in 2010; 2011 April rains in St Vincent and the Grenadines; December 2013 rains in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Lucia; Tropical Storm Erika in Dominica 2015) re-igniting the dialogue on the need for Early Warning systems.

The examples provided in these case studies illustrate country experiences in the Caribbean relating to implementing or strengthening of their Early Warning Systems.  These case studies also capture learning utilizing country examples and will highlight points to consider when implementing Early Warning Systems.

Relating to the Early Warning Systems in the Caribbean: A desk review document, while this is not a case study it presents an analysis of EWS programming within the Caribbean during the period 2005- 2015.  This document is considered beneficial in helping to frame future investments in EWS within the region.



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