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Hazard Monitoring, Risk Analysis and forecasting of hazards PDF Print E-mail

Hazard Monitoring, Risk Analysis and forecasting of hazards

This section provides information on the monitoring networks in the Caribbean for monitoring and forecasting of hazards.

Caribbean Regional Climate Centre (RCC)

Adapting to climate change and increased variability requires that the best information on past, current and future climate risk is available to support decision-making in the Caribbean. The goal of the Caribbean RCC is to support the region’s socio-economic development by generating suites of user defined climate products and services to inform risk-based decision making in climate sensitive sectors at the national and regional levels. The below link takes users to the RCC site where they are able view specific climate and hazard monitoring and forecast tools that are available for our region.


Tropical Weather Outlook

Using the link below users will be able to view all current active systems in the Caribbean with the potential for tropical cyclone development within the next 48 hours. Display is updated at approximately 2AM, 8AM, 2PM and 8PM with special outlooks issued at any time as conditions warrant.


Through the link below users can be directed to the web pages of the Hydro-Meteorological Services of some of the Caribbean islands for forecast information specific to these islands.


Community Early Warning Systems: Guiding Principles

This guide aims to provide an overview of successful practices from the field for the disaster risk reduction/management practitioner interested in EWS. It presents guiding principles that will build a strong foundation for the design or strengthening of EWS at any level. It is not meant to be an operational guide but is more of a strategic one that insists on asking the right questions and exploring all perspectives prior to deciding whether or not early warning is the appropriate tool for a given context. For this section emphasis should be placed on reviewing Guiding principle 6: “Accommodate multiple timescales”, Guiding principle 7: “Embrace multiple knowledge systems,” and Guiding principle 8 “Account for evolving risk and rising uncertainty.”

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