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Project Objectives

1. Provide a regional mechanism for coordinating SAR services to meet national, regional needs and international commitments, and to document related basic national policies;

2. Support lifesaving provisions of the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue of IMO, the Convention on International Civil Aviation of ICAO, certain international agreements to which the U.S. is Party, and similar international instruments;

3. Provide an overall Plan for coordination of SAR operations, effective use of all available resources, mutual assistance, and efforts to improve such cooperation and services

4. Integrate available resources which can be used for SAR into a cooperative network for greater protection of life and property and to ensure greater efficiency and economy.

5. Undertake an audit of Regional/National SAR capabilities, including plan existence/adequacy, resource base and available technology

6. Build linkages between existing, ongoing and future SAR initiatives to ensure effective use of resources

7. Identify existing SAR skills and resources available which can form Regional SAR Team

8. Train and equip regional SAR Team

9. Maintain inventory of personnel, skills, equipment available for SAR activities

10. Ensure that regional and national plans and procedures are developed, tested and updated at all times



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