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Enhancing Disaster Preparedness in the Caribbean- Overview PDF Print E-mail

The Enhancing Disaster Preparedness in the Caribbean project was conceived as a three-year project and commenced in March 1, 1999. The general objective is to strengthen disaster management activities in the Caribbean region. Specifically to facilitate the development of a long-term regional programme in disaster preparedness for schools, relief supplies management, emergency broadcast and telecommunications and community disaster preparedness.

Year 1 of the project was devoted to building the foundation for the programme. Capacity was first to be strengthened at the regional level through the development of training, education and policy guideline material and the training for instructors. Year 2 was devoted to the transfer of knowledge and capability from the regional to the national level. Individual countries and their communities have been able to use the resources developed in Years 1 and 2 of this DIPECHO Project to strengthen local disaster preparedness.

Year 3 of the project was to enhance disaster preparedness in the Caribbean with a distinct focus on the flood hazard.

In reviewing the work of capacity enhancement within the first two years and the emerging needs of CDERA Participating States, it was recognized that the third year intervention must focus on enhancing disaster preparedness for the flood hazard. This is in keeping with the Status of the Disaster Preparedness in CDERA Participating States conducted in May 2001, which identified floods as the most common event - occurring in 90 per cent of Participating States in the five years prior to the study. In contrast only 25 per cent of these countries had any plans to guide disaster management activities for this hazard. It is against this background that Year 3 of the project addressed flood



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