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Statement of Mr. Ronald Jackson, Executive Director, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency At the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Cancun, Mexico. 22-26, May 2017  

The CDEMA Coordinating Unit is pleased to participate in the 2017 Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction. We also express thanks to the Government of Mexico for hosting us at this important event. CDEMA, which comprises eighteen (18) Participating States (PS), has been a firm supporter of global frameworks for Disaster Risk Reduction and our commitment to implementing the results through our regional strategy for Comprehensive Disaster Management, remains steadfast.

On this important occasion, the contribution of CDEMA to this important Sendai milestone event revolves around three (3) key messages:

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NEWS RELEASE: Caribbean region aims to integrate gender equality in disaster risk management in the agriculture sector Georgetown, Guyana, May 19, 2017 (CDEMA) – In an effort to strengthen the resiliency of communities to disasters in the Caribbean, 25 representatives from 12 countries across the region are participating in a regional training workshop for integrating gender equality in disaster risk management programming for the agriculture sector. The workshop is being co-facilitated by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and is held on 17-19 May 2017 in Georgetown, Guyana.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Consultancy to Develop the Model Guidelines for Child-Centred Emergency and Disaster Risk Management in Caribbean Schools and Adaptation Guide The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency Coordinating Unit invites tenderers to submit technical and financial proposals to provide Consultancy to Develop the Model Guidelines for Child-Centred Emergency and Disaster Risk Management in Caribbean Schools and Adaptation Guide.

Please click to download the full Request for Proposal Document

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MESSAGE: No further activities reported with the Kick-‘Em-Jenny underwater volcano


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St. Kitts/Nevis Engenders CDM Safe Communities a Standard Community Resilience Framework Implemented Saint Kitts-Nevis National Disaster Management Offices (NEMA/NDMD) embarked on a re-structuring of its Community Volunteer Programme back in 2014. This process followed much reflection and evaluation of the then existing system and its ability to meet the demands of the changing environment that is also being impacted by climate related risks. In a consultation, Ms. Donna Pierre, Disaster Risk Management Specialist from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency Coordinating Unit (CDEMA CU) met with staff of both offices as well as district volunteers from St. Kitts at the NEMA Headquarters. The meetings took place from April 25th – 27th, 2017.

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Kick-Em-Jenny Unrest Information Note #1 as of 5:00 pm on May 2nd 2017 MESSAGE: CDEMA Participating States continue to monitor the recent activities of the Kick-‘Em-Jenny Underwater Volcano



The Seismic Research Centre (SRC) of the University of the West Indies has reported increased activities with the Kick-‘Em Jenny underwater volcano, which is located near Grenada. The latest update provided by the UWI SRC as at 3:00 p.m. May 2nd 2017, indicated that activity rate associated with the volcano persisted at about the same level since the first recorded eruption of 29th April. During the period 10:41 a.m. on 1st May – 00:20 a.m. on 2nd May, 2017, 40 volcanic earthquakes were recorded with the largest magnitude event at 4.0, so far, since the start of the eruptions.

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Workshop - Learning from social and environmental histories to build resilient solutions for disaster risk reduction in the Caribbean – Monday 22 May, Cancun, Mexico. Effective disaster risk management (DRM) requires an understanding of the social capacity of potentially affected communities, the environments in which they live and work, and the economic activities that these environments support. The resilience of communities and environments depends on their histories, including patterns of settlement, culture, politics, environmental degradation and stressors. Yet, these historical aspects are frequently overlooked in DRM, which can lead to inappropriate or short-lived solutions. To build resilience effectively, we need to understand communities and ecosystems as products of the past, and use this understanding to develop appropriate short- and long-term responses to disasters and build more resilient futures.

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IAEA and CDEMA Sign Practical Arrangement to Enhance Cooperation in Preparedness and Response for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) have formalized their cooperation to enhance and strengthen technical support provided to IAEA Member States in the Caribbean in emergency preparedness and response. A Practical Arrangement outlining the terms of the collaboration was signed by Mr. Luis Longoria, Director of the Technical Cooperation Division for Latin America and the Caribbean (TCLAC), and Mr. Ronald Jackson, Executive Director of CDEMA. The Arrangement will remain valid for a period of three years.

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EXTENSION - 5th Call for Proposals - Country Directed Fund (CDF) The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency wishes to inform National Disaster Management Offices (NDMOs) and relevant national agencies, responsible for CDM implementation that in keeping with Item 6.5.5 of the Practical Guidelines (January 2016) for the EU External Aid Contracts financed by the EU general budget and the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) the closing date for the Fifth (5th)  Call for Proposals (CfP) for the Country Directed Fund is hereby extended to June 16, 2017 at 11:59 PM Atlantic Standard Time.

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